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One app for all trade shows

Find exhibitors, gather inspiration, save products of interest, scan business cards and organize your follow-up. Never lose information again.

Instant supplier collaboration

Stay up to date with your suppliers, collaborate visually, send requests and find new ones, seamlessly.

Instant supplier collaboration

Stay up to date with your supplier, collaborate visually, send them requests and find new ones, seamlessly.

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Make decisions faster by working together

Better teamwork. Even when your team is half a world away. Share knowledge, vote on products and collaborate efficiently

we handle the process, you innovate - activity feed

We handle the process, you innovate.

Work smarter, release quicker. Be more competitive through agility and reduce your
lead time and cost.

They already use ShowSourcing

“By using the application our sourcing activities have become way more efficient – it’s easy, it’s fast and it saves us a lot of valuable time.”


Mark Moniz

Product Manager at
Trust International B.V

“Digitalizing our process made us save an incredible amount of time during our visits, but also during our debriefing phase and follow up process.”


Rudy Maczynski

Product Manager at BeWear

“This app is a really great tool for all buyers willing to classify and map sourcing opportunities!!”


Lionel Wajs

CEO at Plastoria



Together, we go further



Improve your quality, fit the market’s
trend, and boost your sales



The world is moving fast, stay competitive!

Happier teamwork

Relieve your team from frustrations, unleash their

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