Customer Story: How we improved our sourcing processes

Plastoria Sourcing Process

Customer story: “How we improved our sourcing processes and achieved operational excellence.”

by Michel Wajs – CEO of Plastoria

Company profile

Company: Plastoria (

Industry: Corporate Gifts (Licences for Hugo Boss, Cerruti 1881, and other luxury brands)

Company Size: +- 50 Employees

Using ShowSourcing since: August 2015

Company description: Plastoria is a Belgian based company developing luxury accessories for internationally renowned fashion brands. Plastoria designs, develops, manufactures and distributes luxury accessories across multiple distribution channels, including retail and corporate gift networks.

Problem identification:Our core business model is to create and develop new products from ideas and suppliers we sourced on trade fairs. Since we have a pretty long iteration and development process we need to maintain a streamlined and structured purchasing cycle all along our sourcing process.

A couple of years ago, while we were not using ShowSourcing yet, our sourcing process was completely different than what it is today. In short, we had the right product ideas, the right people but the wrong tools, and sometimes… no tools at all. Our internal ERP was pretty good and useful for matters like stock management, invoicing, RFQ’s but wasn’t optimal to streamline our product selection & purchasing process, and could not help us at all when visiting trade fairs…

With ShowSourcing we found a good way to collect, save, organise and share products and suppliers information easily across our entire team. By improving our entire sourcing process, ShowSourcing enhances the productivity of our purchasing team by allowing everyone to collaborate and get involved in the development of our products. As a result, we clearly make better purchasing decisions, the accountability of our team has increased and there is a global feeling everyone is now happily involved in what makes our company successful, developing products customers love.

A few examples on how ShowSourcing achieved to increase our productivity:

While before, it was not rare to see endless loops of emails around products and suppliers, now we just use ShowSourcing’s Comment feature to organise and keep track of our conversations on a product or supplier level.

We also used to work with excel sheets and to do lists. Problem, only one person at a time could work on them and there was no visibility on the workflow and advancement status of all products. As the CEO of the company, It was hard for me to keep track and know if we were going to meet our deadlines.

Now with ShowSourcing’s Tasks feature, we create tasks for products and suppliers and assign them to our team members (designer, graphist, purchaser, manager,..). In a fast pace industry, transparency is key and being able to directly see what needs to be done for all products helps us to reduce overlap, enhance accountability, meet deadlines and even shorten our purchasing cycles.

To summarise, ShowSourcing has helped us with our sourcing process in three main ways

  • Data collection, our team has become much more efficient on trade fairs and factory visits through the sourcing App. Having all data saved and shared across all team is a real plus. We are also building over time an internal catalogue of products and suppliers we can always find back easily if needed.
  • Team collaboration: Since the power of ShowSourcing is enhanced when used by all team members, it’s important everyone get aligned with it. In our case, it allowed us to communicate better between us and reach our monthly targets more easily.
  • Company bottom line: In general, all the above allowed us to reduce the amount of waste and wrong purchases made (almost no stock leftover anymore), which combined with additional productivity and increased business opportunities helped us to grow our revenue by a double digit percentage last year.

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