Why Amazon sellers should enter the Amazon EU market and how to be successful at it

Why should amazon sellers enter the EU market FBA

Why Amazon sellers should enter the Amazon EU market and how to be successful at it

TL;DR – or why you should read this piece: Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform, it’s responsible for over 60% of the online purchasing growth, worldwide. Whether a small retailer or a hobbyist seller, establishing a shop on the Amazon Market Place simply makes sense. Here are the first steps to be amongst the most successful Amazon sellers.

Why should amazon sellers enter the EU market FBA

Amazon is a giant e-commerce platform with billions of dollars flowing freely through it. Customers love getting packages direct to their door, and purchases from Amazon have become so common, it is now a household name. This remarkable platform operates in as many as 180 different countries, and is responsible for over 60% of the online purchasing growth, worldwide.

The sheer scale of Amazon is mind boggling, but when you consider most of those sales come from inside the USA, you get a true appreciation for how big the Amazon US market is. If you are a new entrepreneur setting up your business on the US market, you may discover a surprising number of hurdles in front of you. One of the biggest problems is that for every product you see on the Amazon search engine, there is a seller behind it. Many of the product categories we love to sell in are saturated, and there is simply no more need for your product on the market. Even if you do succeed, you will need a large initial investment to launch your product and pay for the PPC campaigns necessary to get it off the ground. There is a lot of competition out there and standing out from the crowd is not as easy as it seems.

For new business owners with a tight budget, facing off against this seemingly hostile environment may be too much to handle. Fortunately, there is an alternative with a much friendlier business landscape: Amazon EU.

A new frontier on Amazon

Amazon EU is the second largest market on Amazon after the North American continent, but without nearly the competition levels of the US market. PPC costs are far less expensive, and products the US market has no need for are hot commodities in the EU marketplace. Amazon EU is actually comprised of a number of countries, the two biggest marketplaces being the UK and Germany. This new venture gives you access to Amazon shoppers in Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Romania, Finland, Poland, Luxembourg, Spain, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Sweden, Estonia, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Malta and more. New Pan-EU FBAs are rapidly gaining traction in the EU, making it much easier to sell your product effectively in the European market.

How to open your amazon store

How to get started?

Getting started is fairly simple. You will need to register for a VAT in the country you are interested in selling in. This is important because each country has its own VAT requirements and policies, and by adhering to those rules and regulations, you can finally establish your business without hiccups.

Give your product listings the best possible chance by having your listing prepared by a native speaker. This isn’t something you want to skimp on, as most customers will skip over a product listing that is badly written or confusing. Even better, a translator can optimize your product listing to make sure the keywords your product needs are smoothed into the listing invisibly. The best possible translators are people who already have extensive experience working with Amazon sellers, and who can help write those keyword rich listings that customers can find easily.

Once you’ve prepared your listing, spice things up with a little give away to attract customers. It may seem counter intuitive to give away products when you want to sell them, but a product give away is a crucial factor in the future success of your business. New customers are often reluctant to try a product that has no reviews, and without someone taking a chance on your product, you won’t get that review! A giveaway can be a great way to break the ice with your customers and get some great organic reviews flowing. Beside that, it is also the most effective way to increase your keyword and bestseller rankings.

Combine this with a solid CPC campaign (made affordable without the often crippling prices on the US market) and you will be well on your way to success. Don’t forget once your products are selling to keep a native speaking customer service rep on staff at all times to help answer your customer’s questions, smooth over bad reviews, and turn compliments emailed into reviews on your web page.

Should you use FBA?

Should you use FBA

First things first, FBA stands for ‘fulfilment by Amazon’. This means that Amazon looks after all of the seller’s stock. When a customer places an order, it by-passes the seller altogether and goes straight to the FBA warehouse. Amazon then picks out the order and delivers it to the customer.

Amazon FBA also handles most of the customer service. They process all customer returns and only the most specific queries get forwarded on to the seller.

To the customer, there is almost no difference between purchasing from Amazon directly and from amazon sellers selling their items on Amazon through Amazon FBA. They get the same delivery options, the same returns policy and the same customer service team. An Amazon FBA business is a great intermediary between a bedroom eBay business, and a full-time brand with a large staff.

As a seller, you don’t have to look after the stock and it takes the same amount of work to sell 10,000 items as it does to sell 10. But to the customer, they get a quality of service that is on par with the biggest brands in the word. As a seller, you can run a one-man-band business that sells thousands of items each month, all remotely from anywhere in the world.

You acquire the stock and get it delivered to Amazon FBA. Then all you need to do is focus on getting sales.

Need a little help? Our innovative services can support you through the process!

SatiSupp amazon sellers fba

If you need a little help getting your business going, Satisupp can help make your transition to Amazon EU a smooth one. Our experts can help photograph your product for a professional looking image that sells, research keywords customers use to buy your product, and help with the VAT registration as well. With native speakers available in every language, they can be your voice for customer service, copywriting, and optimization services.

We are here to make selling on the EU Marketplace easy for you, so if you’re not sure about the process or don’t speak the language, get in touch with us today. Get selling today on Amazon’s most lucrative marketplace.

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