Why is developing your own trade show app not a good idea?

Why is developing your own trade show app not a good idea?

build your trade show app

— and how to give more added value to your visitors?

44% of the world population owns a smartphone in 2017. Since their first introduction in 2008, apps have fundamentally changed the way we interact with the world. Which is why, when organizing a trade show, it’s very tempting to splurge on a dedicated trade show app.

Here’s why you shouldn’t.

They’re either expensive or poorly executed

If you want to offer your visitors the possibility to use a dedicated app on your trade show, you really have two main choices: generic third party trade show app or building it yourself.

Most third party generic Apps are low cost but usually poorly executed. Since they are a personnalisation of a one-size fits all trade shows, they never align completely with your needs. In the best case scenario, you will have a low cost app that won’t reflect the professionalism of your fair and won’t offer a good experience to your visitors.

Building your own app does not only require know-how and time but also heaps of cash that could be better allocated. If you don’t spend enough, you’ll find yourself with an app rigged of bugs that no visitor of yours will end up using. And if you do splurge, that’s a heavy diversion of funds from your mission : organizing a successful trade show.

They have very low added value for your visitors

Most apps only serve the purpose of replicating the hall plan, suppliers locations and events calendars of the show. That means that if your app is uneasy to navigate or not optimized, most visitors will end up finding these informations on the giant maps lining the walls, and in info points. The consequence is that most visitors won’t bother even downloading the app in the first place.

They have a very low adoption rate

Let’s say that you manage to get your visitors to download your app before the show. As most trade show apps, yours will be focused on your event only. That means that buyers attending multiple shows during a year would need to download multiple apps for one-time use only, which is neither practical for them or convenient for you. As trade shows apps have typically a very low scope of use and features, they are rendered useless right after the show and will be deleted soon after.

But then, will you ask me, what can I do?

There’s another solution out there. The ShowSourcing app offers a real solution for your visitors and your exhibitors at the same time.

  1. The app supports them during their visit. Not only can they find all about you and exhibitors in it, but it also helps them taking notes, pictures, saving business cards and keep it all organized the way they want.
  2. The app actually supports them during all their trade shows visits. It’s not restrained to your show, but can be used on any of them. It means that it doesn’t have an expiration date. The info they collected on your show stays with them during the others. Quite a lasting impression that you’re leaving!
  3. ShowSourcing offers a b UX/UI experience and team collaboration functionalities, enabling real productivity gain during trade show visits.
  4. In addition, it offers real added value for your exhibitors as well: as they aggregate contact informations and your visitors own notes, it’s easier to go through the follow up process. It will therefore help exhibitors generate more returns by increasing their inbound requests after the show and reduce their leads’ purchasing cycles by 30% on average.

The best part of it all is that it won’t cost you a dime. ShowSourcing is entirely free for Trade shows. It allows you to give great added value to your visitors, generate more leads for your exhibitors and generally increase everyone’s satisfaction for free!

Why would you waste your precious time building your own trade show app?

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Pic: Markus Spiske

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