ShowSourcing is going beyond trade show sourcing. Here’s why and how.

ShowSourcing is going beyond trade show sourcing. Here’s why and how.


Since our launch in January 2017, more than 10.000 buyers have used ShowSourcing to take notes on shows and buy products faster. From small Amazon buyers to Big Retail corporations, it’s clear, now more than ever, that the old ways of taking notes – handwritten in a notebook – have come to an end.


Companies across the globe have experienced incredible results from their first day working with ShowSourcing.  Our clients talk about how they have become more effective, how they interact better with their sourcing teams, and even how they reduced their lead times by 50%.


But, while we were getting all of this incredible feedback, we began to learn something truly important. We learned just how quickly the industry was changing – faster than we could have imagined – and it left buyers feeling frustrated. Why? Because all the changes in the industry lead to one simple conclusion – that product sourcing as we all know it is dying (you can read more about that [here] companies are investing more and more resources in product development to make sure that their products are unique, and therefore easier to sell in an increasingly crowded marketplace. But developing unique products and sourcing them at trade shows are two entirely different games.


Buyers told us their frustrations mostly came from the need to juggle these two aspects of the business – finding ways to stand out in the market versus selling directly sourced products.  And because these two sides are so different, using already complex tools (like PLMs) became more frustrating. And to top it off – they were limited by what they could do with ShowSourcing.  


Well, that got our attention.


We understood we could do so much more. So, we started asking our clients what will sourcing look like in 10 years? By asking that central question to some of our clients, we developed a new vision and, along with it,  a new tool to turn product development into an efficient, collaborative and, most importantly, engaging process.


We understood we had to provide a tool that would allow category managers to submit ideas on products, that would have every stakeholder in the supply chain process be notified automatically when he had to do something, and that would  allow suppliers to enter the game early on in the development of a new product.


We are extremely proud to announce the brand new ShowSourcing.


With collaboration, workflows, and sourcing processes built in, ShowSourcing is the only thing  you need to take your sourcing activities to the next level, and get your products to market faster. So to get you started, here are some of the most requested changes, and what we’ve done to improve on them:


User friendliness. Ease of use is key. Our new Apps have been thoughtfully re-designed and tested to offer an incredible ease of use.


Trade Show Database.   Shows are massive. And it’s impossible to hit every booth.  But you know exactly what products your business needs, and you don’t have time to waste.  That’s why we’ve pre-loaded thousands of exhibitor details into the app, so you can quickly save suppliers of interest and get on your way fast


Inspirations (coming soon). Whether it’s snapping a picture to preserve an idea,  to point out a design you like, or even to capture the type of fabric you want, everybody in your team, from sales and marketing to the sourcing team can foster ideas and share them easily with the product/project owner.


Team Communication. Need to know what your team thinks about your products or inspirations on the fly? You can communicate in real time across the trade floor or across the world.  Vote, start conversations, and make decisions instantly so you can avoid the tedious hours off the floor shuffling through paperwork or frantically trying to associate pictures you took with notes you rushed to scribble.


WorkFlows. We’ve taken ShowSourcing even further with our new workflow tools.  Now, after you find that perfect source, you can put it straight into production, and follow the process until it goes to market.  And by assigning tasks to people in your organisation, everybody can be up to date on everything that needs to be done for every product at all times.  


Customisation. Need a specific field in your product sheet? Or maybe you want to customise your workflow? With ShowSourcing, you will be able to personalise your environment so that it truly reflects your needs.


Sample Management. You will now be able to manage your samples directly from ShowSourcing.


Connectivity. Working with ERP’s/PLMs? ShowSourcing’s standardised API will make sure you don’t have to type data in manually anymore.


Supplier Collaboration (coming soon). In the coming months our team will work hard to release one of the most demanded features You will be able to request quotations and product updates from the App directly. find new suppliers on the fly and connect with them without ever leaving the app!  While we were at it, we even made it possible for you to send out RFQs in-app. This way, you can have every single communication with your suppliers in one place at all times. You’ll never have to juggle communications between platforms again.


All these new functionalities will allow your team to transition from product sourcing to product development and enhance your team collaboration in new ways.


New users can get set up with our free version today in less time than it took you to read this article. And for more detailed information, jump over to our onboarding video [here] to find out exactly how to use the newest features.  Get started now!


Oh, and one last thing: We wanted to make ShowSourcing more affordable, so check our new pricing page here and enjoy 30% off any Pro plans purchased before end of February (30% off valid for the first year).

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