Collaborate More. Decide Faster

We have worked with some of the world’s best sourcing teams to design workflows to unlock productivity in your sourcing organization and perfectly suit the needs of every person involved.


Grow your brand.  Grow your team.  We we’ll do the rest

Note Down Everything Pics

Note down everything

Take notes on all the information you need regarding products and suppliers in seconds. Our magic fill function makes it easy to capture several products in a row by pre-filling the supplier, category, and event.


Products, inspirations, suppliers. Everybody in your company can feed you with new ideas, competitive intelligence.

Sync Up With Your Team

Team up with your colleagues, vote on products, collaborate in real time, and get to market faster.


Don’t worry about losing data. It’s safely stored. Having a doubt? Ask feedback to your colleagues.

Get Feedback

Ask for feedback, make better decisions

Saw an interesting product at a fair or want a sample validated? Ask your team what they think, straight from the App. 

Get Feedback In Real Time

Make decisions on the fly with real time communication and in-app notifications.

Debrief with one-click slideshows (upcoming)

Whether it’s debriefing items you saw at a fair or making a final purchasing decision, our debrief tool will help you save a lot of time. Gather your team, start a slideshow in a single click, and make decisions faster.

Collaborate With Your Supplier

Collaborate with your suppliers (upcoming)

Send and receive RFQs directly, and keep all your supplier communications in one place

Get Feedback In Real Time

Make decisions on the fly with real time communication and in-app notifications.

Keep track of what needs to be done

Use task management and workflows to track your progress, get products to the next phase of development, and keep everyone up to speed.


Get granular (upcoming)

Forget the endless email loop. Keep all your communications in a single place, keep everyone up to date, and get the product perfect the first time by involving your entire team at every stage of the process.

Access your data from anywhere

Access all your products, projects, and team information from anywhere in the world. On any device you want.

Centralize Everything